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Anxiety - Depression-Anxiety

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October 13th, 2009

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06:38 pm - Anxiety
I walked into Wal mart today and thought I was going to die as I walked in and saw all those people. I got dizzy and everything went blank but somehow I managed to walk to the woman's section so I could find some black pants for my new job. I am wondering if I get stressed out just walking in Wal mart how I am going to handle working in fast food? It all seems like it is to much to handle. I am afraid I am going to have anxiety attacks in front of the customers ate work. But my unemployment stopped and I have to make money. To make my day even weirder I went into a car wash and got stuck in it. The power just went off and it was one of those car washed that is unattended and you just swipe your credit card. When the power went out and soap was all over my car I was so depressed I just sat there for 30 minutes, hopeless staring at the soap rolling down my wind shield. I was just thinking this HAS to be some kind of cruel joke...What makes people go on?
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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